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Dylis solutions leads in healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). It is an innovative company with the only goal to make the healthcare system work better for everyone. We specialize in helping medical provider and businesses to increase their cash flow using next generation in technology. We are a Full-Service Billing and Receivable Collection company which specialize in collecting the receivables faster and at low cost.

Dylis Solutions Services

Accounts Receivable

At Dylis solutions our aim is to make sure that the client’s cash flow is improved by keeping the account receivable days minimum and improving profitability with raised collections.


Account Receivable


Our highly experienced team at Dylis solutions customize credentialing solutions for one physician or an entire group practice. This ensures simplified paper process.



Eligibility and Verification

Patient’s eligibility verification involves ensuring the information on the insurance identification card brought by patients during an office visit is up-to-date and correct.

Eligibility and Verification

EDI, EFT & ERA Setup

Dylis solutions has tirelessly worked along with some of the best healthcare providers in the country. This has helped us grow and learn everything that is there to know about health care industry.


EDI, EFT & ERA Setup

Pre-Authorization & Refferal

Most medical Health Insurance companies need to have authorization before they can even render the services, while some require referral from primary care physician in-order to pay for the services provided.


Pre-Authorization & Refferal

Collections & Bad Debts

In many instances, the accounts that are being denied for a longer time is unnecessarily written-off or inappropriately qualified as charity. We also detect and correct discrepancies on patient accounts that can cause inaccurate financial classifications.


Collections & Bad Debts

Payment Posting/Demographic Entry/Charge Entry

Dylis solutions payment posting team makes sure that the payments received from insurance companies, patients and other entities, towards settlement of claims.


Payment Posting/Demographic Entry

After Hours Services

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from 24 hour call center services, as continuous availability builds goodwill with customers who appreciate being able to reach a live person 24 hours a day.


After Hours Services

Dylis Solutions Advantage

HIPAA Compliant

We and our clients are fully compliant with all HIPAA Medical Billing Outsourcing standards. We are constantly monitoring this legislation to determine appropriate adjustments needed to maintain compliance

Improved Cash Flow

Our medical billing service allows a continuous and steady flow of claims going out and cash coming in. A steady cash flow is important for the success of any medical office

Adherence to ICD 10

Our team handles the coding changes brought in by ICD 10 most of whom are already well-versed with the sweeping regulations involved

More Focus on Patient Care

Our services allow you to invest more time focusing on what you do best which is taking care of patient and providing them quality care. Our services are specifically beneficial for smaller physician groups

Compliance Maintenance

We understand that it is our responsibility to follow proper protocol required by each payer. We thrive to stay up-to-date on the latest changes in regulations and requirements

Make Your Business 24/7 and Global

Our 24*7 service enables you to reach your patients at the time your offices are closed, helping you build the trust of patients and increase your revenue

Reduced Billing Errors

We focus on reducing the number of denied or rejected claims due to billing errors. Our experienced medical billing professionals ensure that your claims are submitted accurately & efficiently in a timely manner

Increased Revenues

Higher profit is another advantage of availing our services. Our job is to help you reduce your overhead cost by ensuring that the medical claims are timely submitted & your reimbursements are increased

Specialized Denial Management Team

Our specialized denial management team handles denied claims and work on pending AR reports

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